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Jonathan Hoffman

Jonathan Hoffman is an experienced litigator, and Spanish-speaking attorney, who devotes his practice to seeking justice for policyholders involved in residential or commercial property disputes. As a trial attorney, Jonathan has tried 33 cases to verdict, half of which were jury trials. In addition to his extensive experience as a trial attorney, Jonathan had the privilege of sitting opposite the trial attorneys, serving as a jury foreperson for a civil jury trial. This truly provides Jonathan with nuanced perspective of the civil justice system. Prior to joining HMG Legal, Jonathan represented homeowners at one of Florida’s largest property insurance litigation firms and he served more than three years as an assistant public defender with the Ninth Circuit Public Defender’s office, where he represented accused persons in criminal court. Over the course of his career, Jonathan has handled thousands of property damage claim disputes on behalf of policyholders and has obtained millions of dollars for his clients. Jonathan is ready to represent you



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