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Monica Marino


Ms. Monica Marino, an honor graduate from Stetson University College of Law, began her legal career as an Assistant Public Defender in Orlando, Florida, where she fiercely proved her work ethic and her passion for justice in and out of the courtroom. During her time with the Public Defender's Office, Monica was able to harness her legal skills and her communication skills to effectively advocate on behalf of vulnerable members of the community, and she was able to build lasting relationships with her clients along the way. While tirelessly making her way through law school, Monica worked as a legal assistant on behalf of policyholders, helping in the fight against the unfair business practices insurance companies are notorious for using. Monica has brought the knowledge and skills she obtained from that experience here to Habermehl Millard Goss, where she vigorously fights for our clients to see the results they desire. After a conversation with Monica, you will quickly see how she genuinely cares for our clients and the effort she will go to ensure that our clients feel confident in our ability to effectively and zealously advocate on their behalf. Monica is looking forward to working for you!

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