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Samantha Habermehl

Ms. Samantha Habermehl is an experienced litigator who has honed her skills through years of zealous advocacy. Ms. Habermehl, a New York City transplant, began her legal career as a public defender. As a public defender, Ms. Habermehl tried numerous cases to jury verdict and established herself as a highly competent courtroom attorney. After the public defender’s office, Ms. Habermehl went to work on behalf of the insurance companies, representing insurance companies in disputes against their policyholders. In representing numerous insurance companies, Ms. Habermehl learned their tactics and has an intimate understanding of what is necessary to successfully litigate against the insurance companies. Over the last three years, Ms. Habermehl has shifted to the other side and focuses her legal career on representing policyholders and the injured against the insurance companies and their insured who cause harm. Ms. Habermehl is ready to represent you.



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