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Scott Millard

Mr. Scott Millard is an experienced litigator who has an established track record of success in the courtroom and zealous advocacy for his clients, big and small. Mr. Millard, a Michigan native, started his practice in his home state where he developed a reputation as an aggressive and hard charging litigator, unafraid of the courtroom and of challenging the institutions that seek to use the laws to exploit the under-served. After several years in Michigan, Mr. Millard relocated to Florida where he continued to provide zealous advocacy for policyholders and their beneficiaries. Mr. Millard was instrumental in the growth and expansion of one of the largest Florida law firms focused on policyholder representation and Mr. Millard has seen and done it all in the representation of policyholders; from successful resolutions of $10 million + claims to obtaining the critical insurance benefits for a single-family homeowner. Mr. Millard is ready to represent you.



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